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Our Mission

Our mission is to unite the Chiropractic  community purchasing power and lower practice management cost through the economies of scale. 
Our Practice Management Consultants use technology to improve cash flow and increase financial leverage for healthcare practices.

A doctor is supposed to manage the practice human and capital resources. You know that cash flow and patient care are the two most important outcomes to measure at your practice every single day. You don’t have the time or the desire to read financial statements and you probably don’t understand the value of your insurance aging accounts receivable report. Your passion is to care for your patients. You don’t want to micro-manage people or evaluate business assets and liabilities.  It is very easy for your Practice Management responsibilities to migrate to a new office hire or an established employee with no business management experience or business credentials.

We love Practice Management. Our senior management team has been doing it for 23 years. Our Practice Management Consultants monitor your practice vital signs using the best suite of cloud based Practice Management products on the planet.  Our Practice Management Consultants collaborate with you, daily, weekly and monthly to solve your Practice Management problem and guide you to achieve your business goals.
Our Practice Management Consultants are trained experts on Cash Flow Management.